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Dark Alex's Time Mac... Download

Dark Alex's Time Machine v0.1

Dark Alex's Time Machine v0.1

Published by Yoshi on Aug 4th 2008 The Timemachine is a program to load previous firmwares and custom firmwares from memory stick
using pandora. Like devhook, but working throgh pandora and custom ipl's, it would work even if the
flash and nand ipl of the machine is destroyed.

The timemachine is useful to run software that is not supported anymore, and also as a way of
booting psp's even if the internal firmware is destroyed. It can also be useful for developers
to test their homebrew in different firmwares.

Currently the timemachine can install the following firmwares:

- Original 1.50 (can only be loaded on the phat)
- 1.50 with some 3.40 hw modules. Can be loaded on both, phat and slim.
- 3.40 OE (can only be loaded on phat)
- 3.60 M33 (can only be loaded on slim)

Download: Dark Alex's Time Mac...

Date Added: August 4th 2008
Added by: Yoshi
Tags: Sony, PSP, Dark Alex, Time, Machine
File Size: 358.25 kB
Downloads: 7248
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